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Mobile Greenhouse Gutter Roll Forming Machine


Portable | Mobile Greenhouse Gutter Roll Forming Machine is to form the growing gutters for vegetables, fruits, crops by using hydraupolic cultivation system. The forming material is painted galvanized steel with thickness 0.6mm, 0.7mm. At present the most popular growing gutter profiles are for tomato and strawberry. 

We not only manufacture greenhouse gutter machines, and also do project of the greenhouse of agricuture to support the whole growing gutters of standing or hanging system and the related accessories. So no matter our machines or finished gutter profiles are continuous upgraded throught the actual projects practice and developing, and our gutter machines have characteristec of strong stability and most reasonable matching of the Caterpillar chassis, hydraulic system and PLC control board to realized the pressure adjustable of each action like forward, backward, rotate no matter when loading with or without coil on the machine when walking on different road situation, each action matchs very well. 

And our greenhouse gutter machines are Cassette structure designing no matter for one gutter profiles or two or more profiles, if the user want to add more profiles in near future, the user only need to buy extra cassette forming machine with cutting device, no need to buy a whole machine with caterpillar chassis to saving cost for users. And interchanging different profiles is very easy and quick. 

   Profile Name                

  Gutter Profile for Strawberry | Tomato                                   
  Material Type   Painted Galvanized Steel
  Material Thickness          0.6mm , 0.7mm
  Material Width   400MM, 600mm
  Profile Length   Cut to required length
  • This gutter profile widely used gutter model for the production of tomatos, strawberries, cucumber, bell pepper and other fruits. 
  • And this profile is used in both standing and hanging support systems.



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portable greenhouse gutter machine

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mobile greenhouse gutter machine


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