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CT-150/300 Cable Tray Roll Forming Machinery


CT-150/300 Cable Tray Roll Forming Machinery Production Line 

This CT-150/300 Cable tray roll former is customized for our Australian Customer to manufacture two different cable trays profiles of 150mm and 300mm with galvanized material thickness 0.55mm by changing the coil and adjusting the roll foring width automatically. 

The cable tray production line is electronically controlled, to ensure the right feeding, punching and cutting is achieved. 

Cable Tray Profile Drawing

cable tray roll forming machine

The working flow of this cable tray forming line

Coil loading --> Decoiling --> Feeding  --> Punching --> feeding --> Pre-cutting --> Roll Forming --> Runout Tables

cable tray forming machinery

Reference Technical Parameter of Cable tray roll forming machine from Techwell.

  1. Material:  Galvanized coil Z275
  2. Thickness :  0.55mm
  3. Width: Electrical power adjustable
  4. Size: 150 / 300 * 45
  5. This cable tray roll forming machine adopt coil production material to form ET150 / 300 cable tray Profiles through 4 Ton hydraulic decoiler, Servo feeding, 125 Ton Press Machine, Main roll forming part, Post-cutting, hydraulic station, PLC control system and Non-power type support table.
  6. The whole machine adopt PLC control, AC speed control by frequency inverter technology, to realize continuous auto production, which is the best desired machinery in steel structure and metal cold roll forming machinery industry.
  7. Working Speed: about 0-9 m/min ( including punching & cutting time); 

Other types of Cable tray profiles

cable tray profile drawing

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cable tray making machine

cable tray making machine

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